About Us

How did we get from there to here and build a reputation along the way?

  • Raising 26 foal crops that are all Canadian Bred
  • Dealing with integrity and supporting the Canadian horse industry
  • Caring about nutrition, vet care, trimming attention and welfare of the stock in our care.
  • Focussing on conformation with attention to genetics and pedigree
  • Focussing on the “mind”, trainability and athletic ability of the produce of the mare and stallions matching,
  • Starting all of our two year olds for a solid start and evaluation,
  • Actively campaigning our produce in major cow horse shows in Alberta, Montana and Texas.
  • Celebrating every horse we have raised in its transition to new ownership.
  • Nominating our stallions to the Canadian Supreme as well as all of their offspring
  • Supporting the ARCHA Stallion Sale annually
  • Sponsoring major shows and acting on Association matters,
  • Spending all of our “passion time” with our horses,
  • Building the brand!