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Some History: The Stampede Ranch was originally owned and named by Guy Weadick who founded the Calgary Stampede. Guy and his wife Flores leDue used the Ranch to entertain guests from around the world. The Ranch was used as a guest ranch for many years and was featured in the 1947, Hollywood movie “The Northwest Stampede”.

The Ranch was purchased by the Edey family in 1963. Mervyn and Bernice continued to run the guest ranch until 1975 when they began the boys’ program. The Stampede Boys’ Ranch started with 3 boys and over the years grew to house up to 25 boys!! Originally under the Juvenile Delinquents Act, the Ranch changed to be covered under Child Welfare when the JDA act was replaced by the Young Offenders Act.

The Ranch is a working horse and cattle ranch as well as housing the program for youth. Mervyn’s philosophies that youth needed a fresh start, lots of play and a big-family atmosphere, and his motto ‘ if a kid needs us, we need them’, continues to guide the program today.

The Edey family still live at and run the kids program which continues to grow and develop with each clients unique needs.


Stampede Ranch (for Kids!)
Phone 403.558.2180
Fax 403.558.2163

For placement contact:
High River Office
Calgary Child, Youth and Family Services
Phone 403.652.8360


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