ER Picaboo

The Oakley story is told on her page.  An equally inspiring story happened the next year.  The same mare that foaled Oakley and sent her to a Top Ten Finish at the Big Reining Futurity foaled a filly out of our old Bar U bred QH stallion (Red).  We knew the quality of colts Pepi Kola threw so we never gave Tolo Bar U Champ his dues.  Little did we know how great the Arab mare was until we took the half sister of Oakley in to training.  Voila!  This one is better!  So off to Scottsdale with ER Picaboo.  This one was very special as Marci rode her in the largest show of her life with the Canadians cheering her one.  Kevin Pole’s booming voice lifted Marci in the saddle as Marc i ran the pattern.  Gord Hester went on the win first in his Half Arabian Junior Reining class.  The win caused a stir as Canadians clustered around Gord and Picaboo waiting for the score which we knew was going to be good. Picaboo was noticed by many and she subsequently sold to Tamara Tozer-Wald who rode to to numerous reining titles in California and Arizona.  Tamara was very involved in the reining world and stood Picaboo in the Winners Circles in multi breed shows as well as the breed shows.  It was the end of the amazing brood mare that produced ER Oakley and ER Picaboo.   Picaboo was her last foal and the end of our great Scottsdale ringside moments.  Scottsdale is as big a stage as you can ever appear on and the ER horses made us very, very proud!  Here is our dear friend and noted Arabian reiner Tamara in the winners circle.

The splendor of the Scottsdale Show will last you forever.  The large breeding barns put on a display indeed.   The stall decorations were prominent in front of every barn and alley way along the long concourses cutting through the grounds.  The versatility of the Arabian Horse during the two weeks of the show is evident within the ten rings that are active with daily events from 8 in the morning until early evening.  The cow horse event was held to the west in the West World grounds.  It was neat to sit in the evening heat with the sun setting in the west and enjoy the cow horse competition.   We were so proud to return to Canada with the Partbred Reining plaque which are so challenging to win in this World Class event.  Picaboo and Gord also placed very strong in the Cow Horse classes as well.  We have not returned to the show but Picaboo has under the guidance of one of the best of the best Arabian Reining Non Pro’s in the South west.  The word is thatPicaboo will be a brood mare when Tamara retires her from competition.

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